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Data Science

Program Description

The goal of the program prepares students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds for careers in data science. In the core courses, students will receive a fundamental understanding of data science through classes that highlight machine learning, data analysis and data management. The core courses will also introduce students to ethical and legal implications surrounding data science.

Beyond the core courses, students will take three courses in domain specific pathways developed in collaboration with academic departments across the university. Through these pathways, students will be able to utilize the skills and techniques learned in the core courses within their own field or area of expertise.

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Degrees Offered:  M.P.S.

Certificate:  P.B.C.


Data Science Analytics
Spatial Analytics

Department: Computer Science & Electrical Engineering

Part-Time or Full-Time:  Full-time and Part-Time

Online or On Campus:  On Campus

Admissions Requirements

A bachelor’s degree (in any subject) and 3.0 GPA, Completion of the following courses at the undergraduate or graduate level: One semester of statistics, Calculus I or II (depending upon track). Candidates must have academic or professional experience equivalent to basic programming courses. Students who do not have formal undergraduate programming courses or on-the-job training are encouraged to use MOOCs or Khan Academy. English proficiency testing (TOEFL/ IELTS) is required for international students. Please visit our website for detailed admissions requirements.

Term of Admission: Fall and Spring

Contact Us

Graduate Program Coordinator:

Allison Jones, 410-455-1244,

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