Required Documents

Applying to the Graduate School at UMBC requires information regarding your academic history, professional background, and personal information. Below we have included a listing of possible documents required to complete the application. Having these documents available will expedite the time it takes to complete your application. Required documents for certificate and non-degree applicants can be found on their admission requirement page.

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Degree Applications

The degree-seeking application may require several reference materials, in addition to optional supplemental documents that you may choose to upload with your application. Please check your specific program’s admission requirements before producing all mentioned documents, as they may not be required for admission by your desired program.

  • Goal Statement: Discuss your academic objectives pertaining to your desired program, including contemplated research projects and professional career goals. Include any of your research or background that fits with your desired program, along with any administrative, research, or teaching experiences. We will only accept .doc and .pdf files. Statements of purpose can be any length, as long as they sufficiently cover the above criteria.
  • Reference Contact Information: References are professors or professionals that can speak to your professional experience or educational background. The reference form is sent to your desired references via email only after you have submitted your application. Please notify your references that you are including their names and email addresses on your application.
  • Education History: You will be asked for information regarding all previously attended universities or higher-education institutions, including years attended and degrees conferred.
  • Transcripts: You will be able to upload one unofficial transcript .pdf file for each listed institution. Unofficial transcripts can be used for admission considerations, however you will be required to submit official transcripts if you are admitted.
    • Unofficial transcripts from your bachelor’s degree granting institution MUST be part of your application package.
    • Official transcripts must be sent from your previous institution’s Registrar’s Office in a sealed envelope and cannot be opened or altered in any way.
    • UMBC alumni do not need to send official copies of their UMBC transcripts.
    • Electronic versions should be sent to . Paper versions should be mailed to our office:
      • The Graduate School
        University of Maryland, Baltimore County
        1000 Hilltop Circle
        Baltimore, MD
  • GRE Scores: Certain programs require a submission of GRE scores for consideration. Confirm your program requirements and please visit the GRE website for more information. Our ETS code is 5835.
  • Resumé or CV: A professional resumé or academic curriculum vitae may be uploaded with the online application. You will only be asked to provide one if your program requires it.
  • Writing Sample: Select programs evaluate their candidates’ ability to write. Please confirm with your program to verify if a writing sample is required.
  • Supplemental or Department Requirements: Some programs require additional information regarding your background or research interests. Supplemental application requirements can be found on your specific program’s page.

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If you wish to be considered for in-state Maryland residency, then you will be asked for information regarding the following:

  • Financial Dependency: If you are financially dependent on another person, you will be asked for their contact and residency information including address and visa status, if applicable.
  • Current / Previous Address: You will be asked where and for how long you have resided at your current and previous addresses.
  • Driver’s License: You will be asked for information regarding your Maryland Driver’s license. It may be helpful to have your license at the time of applying.
  • Vehicle Registration Card: You will be asked for vehicle registration information. It may be helpful to have your registration card at the time of applying.
  • Voter Registration Card: You will be asked for information regarding your voter registration. It may be helpful to have your voter registration card at the time of applying.
  • Tax Filing Information: Basic information regarding your previous years’ filed taxes may be asked. You do not need your filed tax records, but you will be asked for which years you filed.

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International Applicants

  • TOEFL / IELTS Scores: To find out if you are required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores, review the requirements on our international admissions page. Our ETS code is 5835.
  • International Applicants must also provide all required documents listed in “Degree Applications” section.

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US Military Affiliation

  • Branch and years served
  • Station Orders: For purposes of in-state residency determination, we may ask for a copy of your station orders. The Graduate School will only accept these documents after you have submitted your application.

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USM Employees

  • Verification Letter of Employment: An employment verification letter must be produced by your USM school’s Human Resources department. You may send a copy of the letter to our mailing address or email an electronic version.

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Certificate & Non-Degree Applications

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