Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships provide graduate students with the financial resources necessary to pursue their degrees. This financial support—stipend, tuition remission, and benefits—is part of the University’s commitment to the success of our graduate students. Most GA positions are awarded by individual departments. Contact your program’s Graduate Program Coordinator to see if they are offering any GA positions.

The opportunity to work closely with faculty members and undergraduate students in teaching, research, or administrative environments is an integral part of graduate education. Graduate students who hold graduate assistantships benefit educationally and professionally. They gain further expertise in their field; enhance their research skills and develop pedagogical skills; acquire experience in leadership, interpersonal effectiveness, and performance evaluation; acquire academic administrative experience; and enjoy collegial collaborations with advisors that may result in joint publications and other professional activities. Skills learned in graduate assistantships prepare students not only for the academy, but also for corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Detailed information about graduate assistantships and their titles, responsibilities, and benefits is available in the Graduate Assistant Handbook.

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