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Academic Integrity Tutorial

UMBC is committed to academic integrity. Students arriving at UMBC to begin graduate study come from very different places and backgrounds. Some have had little undergraduate instruction on topics such as plagiarism and the proper citation of sources. Others have come from countries where norms of academic integrity are very different from those in the United States. Because of this, we have developed a tutorial that is required of all entering graduate students.


Academic Integrity 101

Academic Integrity is a very complex set of ethical policies and principles, and this tutorial provides only a basic, elementary overview. It is, in effect, “Academic Integrity 101.” Each academic discipline has its own variations to the policies, definitions, and examples presented here. For a full comprehensive review of the policy, please visit our detailed Catalog entry on Academic Integrity.

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Taking the Tutorial

In order to enroll in the Academic Integrity Tutorial, you must be an registered student who is in their first semester. New students are required to enroll themselves in the tutorial through the Blackboard site. Once you have Blackboard access, visit your “My Communities” tab and search for the “Graduate School Academic Integrity Tutorial” to enroll in the tutorial. Here is a guide.

Once you have enrolled in the tutorial, you may take the tutorial at your convenience, and as many times as you want. You must complete each module with a 100% score in order to complete the tutorial.

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