What is the Graduate School CARE team? 

In an effort to better support the mental health and well being of our graduate student population, the Graduate School CARE team (Concern, Assessment, Referral and Education) was created to identify, monitor, and support graduate students facing significant obstacles to progress that do not rise to the level of the campus behavioral crisis team (BRACT). Members of the CARE team directly advise and support graduate students, advocate for them and liaise with their program/dept as requested, and refer/connect them to resources on campus that can assist them. As necessary, the CARE team triages with other campus units including BRACT, ISSS/CGE, general counsel, OEI, and RIH.

As trends arise, the CARE team can make recommendations for changes in practice and policy (to the Graduate School, to the Colleges, etc.) that improve student mental health, success and sense of belonging.


Who is on the Graduate School CARE team?

  • Jeffrey Halverson (co-lead), Associate Dean, Graduate School
  • Robin Cresiski (co-lead), Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Student Development & Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Sunji Jangha, Director of Pipeline Programs
  • Wendy Carter-Veale, Dissertation Coach & Director of Social Science Research
  • Jennifer Artis, Assistant Dean, Policy and Compliance and Student Affairs (liaison to GSA)
  • Patricia Winborn, Director of Academic Success and Graduation
  • Yarazeth Medina, Assistant Director for Graduate Student Development & Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Justine Johnson, Assistant Dean, Inclusive Excellence, College of Natural Mathematical Sciences

We would like to create a once a semester meeting to have reciprocal conversation with representatives/stakeholders from all the colleges (CAHSS, CNMS, COEIT), BRACT, ISS/CGE, legal, ECR (Equity and Civil Rights), and RIH.


How are graduate students referred to the CARE team?

  • Direct contact with one of the CARE team members
  • GSA referral to a CARE team member
  • Faculty, GPCs or GPD referral to a CARE team member

If you would like to refer a graduate student, make a suggestion to the CARE team, or inquire about serving on the CARE team, please email