GA Forms

The forms associated with graduate assistantships are below. Departments and students should refer to the Graduate Assistant (GA) Handbook for instructions and explanations. Questions about GA forms? Email for assistance.

Graduate Assistantship Offers

Academic Departments and offices offering assistantships to graduate students should initiate the forms below (in DocuSign) by clicking on the link for each form. Once initiated, forms will be emailed to authorized departmental signers and finally to graduate assistants (GAs) for signature. Forms are considered completed after all parties have signed.

  • Form #1 – GA Appointment Letter
    • Be sure to have the student’s Campus ID on-hand.
    • Review minimum Stipend Levels, Tuition Rates and Health Insurance rates.
    • If using an addendum to the appointment letter, keep in mind that it must be approved by the Graduate School before use and that it must be typed on UMBC/Departmental letterhead.
  • Form #2 – GA Tuition Remission form
    • Note that there is a USM Tuition Remission form in addition to the UMBC GA Tuition remission form. For the most part, for graduate assistantships, departments will use the UMBC GA Tuition Remission form but if you are not sure which form to use, please click below to determine which form will fit your department’s needs best:
  • Form #3 – GA Health Insurance Enrollment form
    • Review the following links related to GA health insurance:
      GA Health Plan Info
      GA Health Insurance Rates
    • If GA health insurance is the responsibility of the GA, it is not necessary for the department to complete the GA Health Insurance Enrollment form.
    • If GA health insurance is funded by department or grant and GA does not need/want the insurance, Departments should complete the GA Health Insurance Enrollment form and when the GA receives it, GA should choose, “Decline to Sign” in DocuSign and provide a reason for declining. Example: “I am covered under my spouse’s policy”.

DocuSign Dashboard

Anyone who initiates or signs a form in DocuSign has access to view it in the DocuSign Dashboard. Once in the Dashboard, click on “Manage” (top of the page) and select to either view completed forms or view forms that are waiting for others to sign from “Quick Views” (left side of page).

Please click the DocuSign logo below to access the Dashboard.

docusign logo with link to platform dashboard


Sometimes it is necessary to amend information on completed forms. Please submit changes to the Graduate School by completing the amendment forms below. Note that amendments to GA health insurance should be discussed with University Health Services.

Additional actions may be required (by HR) when amending payroll-related information.

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Additional Service or Employment for GAs

Full-time GAs can work an average of 20 hours per work. Part-time GAs can work an average of 10-hours per week. If a Department would like to offer additional hours to a GA on a regular basis, a request must be submitted to the Associate Dean of the Graduate School. Please use the form below to submit the request:

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GA Evaluations

Supervisors are required to evaluate GA performance. Please see a sample evaluation below:

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Completion of Duties

GAs are required to submit a completion of duties statement. Most GAs complete the form at the end of each semester. Federal Work Study funded GAs are required to complete the form at the end of each pay period.

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Parental Leave Fellowships

UMBC offers Fellowships for Parental Leave to improve the environment of new parents who are GAs. GAs interested in the fellowship should consult the GA Handbook to review guidelines and submit the form below:

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