Fellowships, like scholarships, are selective awards granted to graduate students for academic excellence. They are used to fund graduate study, scholarly work, or to provide professional development to an aspiring graduate student. Internal fellowships are offered through UMBC, while external fellowships may be obtained outside the university.

Internal Fellowships

UMBC Dissertation Fellowship
UMBC offers a limited number of Dissertation Fellowships to students who have reached doctoral candidacy. This fellowship is designed to provide doctoral candidates at UMBC an opportunity to devote the necessary concentration and attention towards finishing the writing of their dissertations.
[Dissertation Fellowship Application]

Meyerhoff Fellows Program

Funded by an NIH-MBRS Initiative to Maximize Student Development (IMSD) grant, the Meyerhoff Fellows Program focuses on promoting cultural diversity in the biomedical sciences at the graduate level.

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External Fellowships

There are many sources on the Web to find graduate fellowships. Some of the popular sources include:
Major National Fellowships

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