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ProQuest ETD is the UMBC Electronic Thesis and Dissertation submission site. This site will be the site to which you submit your dissertation / thesis. Follow the simple steps below to submit your dissertation or thesis. The official ProQuest submission guide can provide specifications for the manuscript. Please review the manuscript guide for all submission requirements.

Please submit your Electronic Thesis or Dissertation

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Submission Instructions

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County has an agreement with ProQuest to accept theses and dissertations electronically.  Following the guidelines in the Style Guide, you will be able to produce a document that is appropriate for submission to the University.  There is NO fee to submit your thesis or dissertation electronically.

To begin the process of Electronic Submission of your thesis or dissertation, double check that your electronic file is in the proper format (Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, or Adobe PDF), and that it conforms to the appearance standards set forth in this Style Guide.  Complete all fields carefully.  Your names (first, middle, last, suffix) should match all other publications and your UMBC Electronic Publication Form/Digital Archive Authorization.

You may only submit your dissertation or thesis after your defense has been completed and your Dissertation Committee has submitted the Report of the Examining Committee and Approval Sheet to the Graduate School. You may not submit a draft thesis or dissertation to ProQuest; the document you submit must be identical to the one you successfully defended.  The Graduate School will not evaluate any thesis or dissertation document submitted before receipt of the Report of the Examining Committee.

When you have completed the formatting of your document and confirmed the submission of the Report of the Examining Committee and the Approval Sheet, visit the ProQuest submission site.   At the top right side of the page, you will see the words “Log In”, and in the middle of the page links to “Submit” and “Revise”.

If you are logging in for the first time, click the “Submit” link.  You will be prompted to create an account, and it will lead you to a logon page.  Follow the directions on the site and enter the requisite information about yourself, including an e-mail account that you monitor regularly. Enter the required information about your thesis or dissertation, entering your Abstract and accompanying information into the given form (cutting and pasting from a word processing program is acceptable), and finally uploading your thesis or dissertation.

If you have a ProQuest account, enter your log in information.

Complete the “Notes to the Administrator” (for any problems/concerns) and Copyright section (fee associated).

If you have difficulties uploading your thesis/dissertation, please contact ETD Support at or 877-408-5027.

There is NO need to send an e-mail notifying the Graduate School that you have uploaded your thesis/dissertation.  The Graduate School will be notified by the site of your initial upload and subsequent changes.

The Graduate School will review the PDF file for format, legibility, etc.  If all standards have been met, and all paperwork has been submitted, the University will accept the thesis or dissertation and notify you via e-mail.   If the University’s standards have not been met, you will receive an e-mail from the “Administrator of University of Maryland Baltimore County” account detailing the formatting changes that need to be made.  You would then make the changes to your Word document, and log on to the ProQuest submission site.  Convert the document to a pdf and click the “Revise” link to submit your updated thesis/dissertation.

At the conclusion of the semester, all approved theses and dissertations will be sent to ProQuest for publishing, regardless of defense date.  The Graduate School will notify you when your thesis/dissertation has been submitted for publishing.

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Ordering Copies of Your Thesis/Dissertation

If you choose, you may purchase a bound copy of your thesis or dissertation from the publisher of your choice.  ProQuest also provides this service; follow the directions on the website to purchase copies of your thesis or dissertation.  This optional transaction is between you and the publisher, and does NOT involve the Graduate School.

Any copies of your thesis/dissertation will be produced AFTER the thesis/dissertation has been approved and submitted for publishing by the Graduate School.  Contact ProQuest will all questions regarding your order.  You may call 800-521-0600 x77020 or submit your questions online.

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Availability of Your Thesis/Dissertation

After the Graduate School has submitted your thesis/dissertation, for publishing, it will be available in the ProQuest database and the UMBC Digital Archive.

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