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Apply to Graduate

Graduate Students will apply for Graduation online through myUMBC. In addition to the online application, a supplemental application, required to order your diploma, will be sent to you via your UMBC email account.

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Application Season

You may apply to graduate for the indicated term between the date window. The required supplemental application is due by the indicated date, and will be emailed to you after your formally apply for graduation.

August Graduation
Apply to Graduate: April 1 – June 15
Supplemental Application Due: June 30
December Graduation
Apply to Graduate: July 1 – September 15
Supplemental Application Due: September 30
May Graduation
Apply to Graduate: December 1 – February 15
Supplemental Application Due: March 1

The application process is not complete until the supplemental application is submitted by the above deadlines.

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Graduation Checklist

  1. Contact your Advisor and/or Graduate Program Director and review the courses that will be used to fulfill your degree requirements.
  2. Resolve any grades of “D”, “F”, or blank.
  3. Resolve any grade of “I” and “NG” if applied to any course needed toward degree.
  4. Your GPA must be 3.0 or above.
  5. Review your degree and program information and verify that it is correct.

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Instructions for Completing the Online Application for Graduation

  1. Log into myUMBC or go directly to the Online Graduation Application
  2. Click on Topics
  3. Click on Classes and Grades
  4. On the Classes and Grades Screen, click on Graduation Application
  5. Follow the Instructions on the screen

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Instructional Screenshots

The following images are screen shots of the process for your reference.

Screen capture of myUMBC Classes and Grades webpage highlighting location of application
Access the Graduation Application through myUMBC
Screen capture of graduation application, highlighting degree type and program name
Pay special attention to the degree-type and program name from which you are applying to graduation.

*If you are applying to receive a certificate/diploma that is not listed because you have not been formally admitted to that certificate/degree program, then you will need to complete either:

  • Application for Enrollment in a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program, or
  • Application for Enrollment in a Master’s Degree Program

These applications can also be found on the Student Forms section of our website.

Screen capture of the graduation application, highlighting the term selection field
Only one term will appear in the drop-down menu. If no term appears, then the window for applying to graduate is closed.
Screen capture of graduation instructions found on the Online Application
Be sure to read and follow the instructions given.
Screen capture of graduation application instructions
Be sure to read and follow all the instructions.
Screen capture of graduation application confirmation after submission
The confirmation screen will appear once the online application is complete.

You will receive a supplemental application via your UMBC email.

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