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Enrollment & Registration

During your graduate career, it may be necessary to make administrative changes to your academic record or enrolled program. In order to facilitate those changes, please review the relevant policies and procedures below for the action you wish to take.

Disclosure of Student Records
Privacy and release of records is a university matter under the jurisdiction of the UMBC Registrar’s Office.
Continuous Enrollment
Each student has the obligation to enroll every semester (Spring & Fall) in order to maintain good academic standing within their program.
Reinstatement & Program Change
Students who are absent from their program, or wish to make a change of programs, will need to be reinstated and accepted by the programs in question.
Withdrawal from UMBC
Written notice of a withdrawal request is required by the Graduate School. Withdrawal forms are available for download.
Full & Part-time Status
Enrollment status depends on the number of credits that you have registered for in a particular semester. To be full-time, you must be registered for nine (9) credits. This is particularly important for financial aid and graduate assistantships.
Leave of Absence
Students who wish to continue in a degree program, but who cannot study in a particular semester or year, should notify their Graduate Program Director.
Transfer of Credit
Students may request a review of transfer credit by following the procedures outlined in the Graduate Catalog.
Inter-institutional Enrollment
This enrollment program can be used by students at UMBC to enroll in courses at other USM schools in order to take advantage of other course offerings and research opportunities.
PhD Plus Program
This program offers UMBC PhD alumni tuition-free privileges for classes within their discipline. This policy addresses the specifics of that program. Some fees will be charged.

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