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Coalition for Next Generation Life Science

UMBC joined eight other U.S. research universities and a major cancer institute in announcing plans to give would-be life scientists clear, standardized data on graduate school admissions, education and training opportunities, and career prospects. More information on the Coalition for New Generation Life Science may be found on their website, while UMBC-specific statistics on doctoral and postdoctoral programs are provided below.

Doctoral Student Statistics

Applied Developmental Psychology (CIP: 42.2703) – XLSX | PDF
Biological Sciences (CIP: 26.0101) – XLSX | PDF
Chemical Engineering (CIP: 14.0701) – XLSX | PDF
Gerontology (CIP: 30.1101) – XLSX | PDF
Human Services Psychology (CIP: 42.2889) – XLSX | PDF
Mechanical Engineering (Biomechanics Track Only) (CIP: 14.1901) – XLSX | PDF
Molecular & Cell Biology (CIP: 26.0401) – XLSX | PDF
Neuroscience (CIP: 26.1501) – XLSX | PDF


Dashboard for Ph.D. Statistics

Thumbnail view of the PhD Statistics Dashboard hosted on Tableau

Postdoctoral Statistics

Data represented here includes all postdocs in departments participating in CNGLS.

Thumbnail image of Graphical CNGLS Data

Interactive Tableau Format

Thumbnail of Tabular View for CNGLS Data

Tabular Format

Postdoctoral data may be downloaded in tabular format via PDF.


The following data represents postdoctoral time in training:

Tabular Format

Postdoctoral Training data may be downloaded in tabular format via PDF.

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