Programs & Degrees

The Graduate School at UMBC offers a variety of challenging programs to help you reach your academic and professional goals. Degree types offered at UMBC include terminal doctorates, as well as Master degrees in the sciences, arts, public policy, and professional studies. Each program has its own admission requirements that must be met to qualify. Below is a listing of our program offerings:

Engineering & Information Technology

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering (Ph.D., M.S., P.B.C.)

Computer Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)

Computer Science (Ph.D., M.S.)

Cybersecurity (M.P.S., P.B.C.)

Data Science (M.P.S., P.B.C.)

Electrical Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)

Engineering Management (M.S., P.B.C.)

Environmental Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)

Health Information Technology (M.P.S.)

Human-Centered Computing (Ph.D., M.S.)

Information Systems (Ph.D., M.S.)

Integrated Product Development & Manufacturing (P.B.C.)

Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D., M.S., P.B.C.)

Project Management (P.B.C.)

Software Engineering (M.P.S., P.B.C.)

Systems Engineering (M.S., P.B.C.)

Technical Management (M.P.S.)

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Humanities & Arts

Historical Studies (M.A.)

Intercultural Communication (M.A.)

Intermedia & Digital Arts (M.F.A.)

Language, Literacy & Culture (Ph.D.)

Music (P.B.C.)

Texts, Technologies & Literature (M.A.)

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Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Applied Mathematics (Ph.D., M.S.)

Applied Molecular Biology (M.S.)

Atmospheric Physics (Ph.D., M.S.)

Biochemistry (Ph.D.)

Biological Sciences (Ph.D., M.S.)

Biotechnology (M.P.S., P.B.C.)

Chemistry (Ph.D., M.S.)

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Leadership (M.P.S., P.B.C.)

Marine-Estuarine Environmental Sciences (Ph.D., M.S.)

Molecular & Cell Biology (Ph.D.)

Neurosciences & Cognitive Sciences (Ph.D.)

Physics (Ph.D., M.S.)

Statistics (Ph.D., M.S.)

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Social Sciences & Education

Applied Sociology (M.A., P.B.C.)

College Teaching & Learning Science Post-Master’s Certificate (P.M.C.)

Community Leadership (M.P.S., P.B.C.)

Economic Policy Analysis (M.A.)

Education (M.A.T., M.A.E., P.B.C.)

Emergency Health Services (M.S., P.B.C.)

Gender & Women’s Studies (P.B.C.)

Geography & Environmental Systems (Ph.D., M.S.)

Geographic Information Systems (M.P.S., P.B.C.)

Gerontology (Ph.D.)

Learning and Performance Technology (M.A., P.B.C.)

Organizational Consulting (P.B.C.)

Psychology, Applied Developmental (Ph.D.)

Psychology, Human Services (Ph.D., M.A.)

Psychology, Industrial & Organizational (M.P.S.)

Public Policy (Ph.D., M.P.P.)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (M.A., P.B.C.)

Training and Talent Development (P.B.C.)

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Erickson School of Aging Studies

Management of Aging Services (M.A.)

Principles of Management of Aging Services (P.B.C.)

Management of Dementia Care Services (P.B.C.)

Senior Housing Administration (P.B.C.)

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Degree Key:
Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy
M.S. – Master of Science
M.A. – Master of Arts
M.F.A. – Master of Fine Arts
M.P.P. – Master of Public Policy
M.P.S. – Master in Professional Studies
P.B.C. – Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
P.M.C. – Post-Master’s Certificate

Other programs not listed here may be offered at other University System of Maryland schools.

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